Photo of Monika Smith, Founder of Allora Sking Care

When you visit Allora for your skincare needs, you're in great hands. 

Wow! I opened my first skincare business back in 1997. That was over 20 years ago and I am still facinatied with the skin. Everyday I am learning new things and reexamining my understanding of it. I’ve immersed into many aspects of the industry and studies, while learning the most from my hands-on experience with my amazing clients. I have an integrated skin care approach that is effective and healing for everyone, especially those with acne.

Integrated skin care is a holistic approach to the skin using many natural remedies and products while taking advantage of cutting-edge ingredients and technologies. I listen to what my client prefers, and recommend the best for the ever-changing needs of their skin.

My hope is to promote healing and a deep understanding. Ultimately giving you the tools to create and nurture your beautiful, glowing skin.

I look forward to supporting you and sharing my passion!


Monika Smith
Owner of Allora Skin Care

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