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15 minutes $25


30 minutes $50

Series of 5

($625 - 15% off) $531.25

LED Light Therapy Treatment

Get a face lift, with light. Discover the anti-aging benefits of our non-invasive LED Light Therapy.

LED Light Therapy is best done in a series of once-a-week treatments. Includes custom peel, LED Light treatment, oxygen mist. NO extractions, mask and only light massage. It is not meant to take the place of the traditional facials offered.

45 minutes | $125


Who this treatment is for?
This treatment focuses on skincare concerns such as firming, fine lines and wrinkles to inflammation and irritation in the skin. LED Light Therapy can be used on all skin types. It is a highly effective treatment and the benefits of Light Therapy are well documented in clinical trials.
What can I expect?
LED Light Therapy uses a panel device that sends light waves deep into the skin. Each wavelength and spectrum of light has a different skincare benefit. Amber light stimulates collagen and elastin. Red light promotes circulation, strengthens the skin and reduces inflammation. White light tightens the skin and also reduces inflammation.
Infrared light is particularly beneficial because it penetrates deeper into the skin than any other LED light color. Infrared light stimulates the production of collagen (which helps to increase the elasticity, firmness, and fullness of your skin), and fibroblasts (which smooth out fine lines, wrinkles and evens the overall texture of the skin). Infrared light also helps to improve circulation and reduces swelling and puffiness by stimulating the lymphatic system. It is a painless treatment that does not cause any burning or damage to the skin.
How long is this treatment?
The actual LED treatment is 20 minutes within the service time which will vary in length depending on which service you choose.
How often should I get this treatment?

We recommend doing a series of 5 once a week sessions and then adding this to your monthly treatments. You will see a healthy, radiant glow immediately, but because collagen cells are slow growing, full results may not be noticeable for about three months.
Light Therapy is ideal in the series as well as your regular facials. It is included in many of the treatments already. The Rejuvenation & Clearing Facial Treatment, Nano Needling and LED Treatment as well as the Post Peel and Recovery Treatment.